K2 Kitchen projects

Carole’s new kitchen with a ‘wow’ factor

Fitted for £8,823

12 cupboards

Corrie was so efficient from beginning to installation...

Carole Knibbs

I was originally introduced to Carole a year prior to working for K2, when she was initially thinking if including a kitchen in her new extension. When she was in a position to go forward with her plans, she contacted me through a mutual friend.

Carole came to me with a comprehensive wish list of items she wanted to include in the space, which gave me all the information I needed to create her dream kitchen.

Carole really wanted that ‘wow’ factor, but she also had several practical requirements which needed to be factored into the design. With her input, I was able to offer her a choice of layouts, and she settled on the design which maximised the use of available space whilst still looking stunning.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Carole and she is now looking forward to spending time in her beautiful new kitchen.