How to plan your extension’s kitchen

Kitchen floor plan

Extending your home to include a new kitchen space is exciting… but often daunting at the same time. With so many options to choose from, it’s difficult to visualise the perfect layout and get the balance right between style, form and function. This guide gives you 3 ways to visualise your kitchen in your new extension before you speak to a kitchen designer.

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Start with the layout

If you need a new kitchen for your new extension, but don’t know where to start… start with the plans!

Drawings or plans for your new home extension show you the exact floor space you have to play with.

As the kitchen is one of the most pivotal rooms in any home, it’s important that it’s a comfortable and functional place to spend time in.

So be creative, and think about what you want your kitchen to do for you…

  • Is it a space to indulge your cooking passion?
  • To socialise with friends and family?
  • To create the ultimate space and storage solution?
  • To be a stylish showpiece with modern appliances?
  • To be more energy-efficient?

However you need your kitchen to work for you, building plans give you the blueprint to start visualising how you can transform the space into something that truly meets your needs.

Set your design ideas free

Now you can get creative. Once you have settled on how you want the kitchen to work best for you, it’s time to think about how you use it and how it looks!

Kitchen design styles have changed a lot over the past decade… anything is possible, the sky’s the limit. Start with these easy steps to narrow down your preferences:

  • Start by looking at what you already have, thinking about what you like and don’t like
  • How do you move around your kitchen? Which elements do you use at the same time – such as the fridge and cooking station, should they be close together so that you’re not walking around in circles?
  • Where do you prepare food? Next to the hob and oven? This will determine where the majority of worktop space is needed
  • How much storage do you use? Do you need more than you currently have and what you need to store. Open shelving or big, deep cupboards?
  • Who will you be entertaining in your kitchen? Is it a place for dinner parties, or chatting to family while you cook? A table or a breakfast bar might be a good addition
  • Do you have a lot of gadgets? Do you want them to be on display for easy access or stored away out of sight?
  • What large appliances do you want, and will there be room for them? Where should they live for easy access?

When it comes to look and feel, whether it’s modern, contemporary, traditional, country casual, minimalist or hi-tech that makes your heart sing, there’s an array of ways to style your new kitchen.

Remember – it can be both beautiful and practical, without breaking the bank.

“I didn’t expect that.... you allowed me to visualise the kitchen and the fact that you created a 3D of the extension helped.”

Design appointment - Richard Bradburn


Bring it to life

The latest 3D software will create unique computer-generated images of how your kitchen could look.

It takes into account your tastes, your lifestyle and the space available, and gives you designs that are as individual as you are. And shows you exactly what will be built.

A kitchen design appointment is a free service, enabling you to:

  • Choose your most-desired kitchen style and colour
  • Experiment with different worktops, flooring, appliances and even wall colours and accessories
  • Walk away with your final image including products that match your choices

Once you’ve discovered your dream kitchen, and created a visual game plan, you’re ready to build!

Book your Free 3D Kitchen design appointment and get started or Download this blog as a PDF.

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