Thinking of a new kitchen?

If you are looking for a new kitchen but don’t know where to start then you have come to the right place…

1. How do you want to use the space?

The kitchen is often referred to as “the heart of the home” so is your kitchen going to be used as a living space with perhaps a sofa and TV so you can entertain your guests whilst preparing for your dinner party? Or is it be used just as a kitchen, a place just to prepare meals? How much storage do you need? Does your existing kitchen not have enough storage? Now would be the best time to have a clear out of your kitchen so you don’t end up trying to find space for all of those unused items that have not be used for years!

2. Draw up a wish list

That’s right, make a list of all the MUST have items that you want, could it be a solid worktop? An island to prepare meals, what kind of oven are you looking for? Have a think about what you have, what could you not live without, all of these lists will help us ensure that we create the kitchen that suits you and your family, it also ensures that we do not miss anything off!

3. Now the fun part…

OK so we will not think you are crazy if you tear out pictures from magazines, get as much information as you think you need, have a look at kitchen websites, property programmes are a good way of getting inspiration, if you are in a DIY store then have a look at the paint colour swatches as this is a great starting point for choosing a theme or colour. You should not worry about costs at this point as it is all about understanding the styles you are looking for. Lastly bring in all of these images/samples to our designers who can incorporate them into the planning.

"you cant make an omelette without breaking eggs!"

4. The designer touch

To get the best from your new kitchen I would suggest that you spend some time with one of our designers, you may well have already visited other kitchen companies, you may have planned your kitchen using an online planning website, all these things are great, bring in what you have and we can work with you, remember do not underestimate what a great designer can bring to your kitchen:

  • Years of design experience
  • Ideas and solutions you simply won’t have thought of
  • A great understanding of space needed and how it should flow
  • The latest product knowledge
  • The ability to create a kitchen that works as efficiently as possible

5. Set your budget

Be honest about your budget from the Start so your designer can help you decide what product is the right one for you, did you know we do 5 different white gloss fascia’s with five different prices! We have some clever ways of making your budget go further! Maybe use open shelving instead of full wall units, think about unbranded appliances, these often have longer warranty’s than some of bigger brand names and do you really need that all signing all dancing oven? Something else to consider is the cost to fit your new kitchen, the more items you have and I include items such as plastering, electrical, tiling etc. into this the more the fitting cost would be!

6. Enjoy the process

So by now you may have chosen your new kitchen and worked with one of our designers who can see your vision and are now creating the plans. Now, this is the time not to be shy! Ask our designers to show you different perspective views, they can also change the colours of the walls to incorporate your chosen colour way. If you don’t like it then say something, be honest after all it is going to be your kitchen!

7. Call in the professionals

So what’s the point of spending all of your hard earned money and then getting someone to fit it badly? NEVER get a builder to fit a kitchen as I would never get a kitchen fitter to build an extension! Whether you use one of our fitters or select your own then we will be with you through the whole fitting process, we will ensure whoever fits your kitchen has the right information available, did you know we would still come and do sites visits even if it was not K2 fitting?

8. Countdown to completion

This is the part that you will fear the most ‘Fitting your new kitchen’ now for honesty, yes it is messy, yes you will be fed up of the dust and being without items that you take for granted every day! Would a schedule of works help? Great, as that is what we offer, it is a simple document that will show you who and when the different trades will be attending site, you will know their name and what days they will be with you! On top of this we will also attend site each day to ensure our fitters are installing correctly and to ensure you our customer are happy. But back to the mess, have a think about where you could set up a temporary little work station so a microwave and kettle could be used, plan a few meals out, and remember “you can’t make an omelette without cracking a few eggs”!

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